Fundacja Agencja Regionalnego Monitoringu Atmosfery Aglomeracji Gdańskiej

ul. Brzozowa 15A 80-243 Gdańsk
tel. 58 301 48 84, tel./fax 58 301 48 84 (33)


In the Gdańsk metropolitan area the air pollutions originate from various industrial processes and growing number of cars. Continuous, automated monitoring of the main pollutants takes place in the representative points and let to answer a lot of questions relative to the pollution problem for the Gdańsk metropolitan area. The project of the monitoring network was prepared by the group of scientists from Gdańsk University supervised by dr Jerzy Trapp on the basis of long-term data including meteorological parameters, population density and the points and surface sources of emission. The MoNet program, lent out from the Mediolan Technical University, had been positively valued by the Institute for Environment Protection and was used to project the network. The project of monitoring network was controlled and accepted by The Regional Inspector of Environment Protection and State Sanitary Officer. In the project of regional monitoring network had been foreseen 10 main stations located between Gdynia and Tczew as well as the background station in Sulmino.

The Agency is directed by the Management including representatives of the four Municipalities: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and Tczew. Working of the Management is superintendent by the Board of Directors, which consists of local authority representatives and people who professionally deals with environment protection (The Regional Inspector of Environment Protection, Pomeranian Voivodeship Sanitary Officer, Department of Environment Protection of the Voivodeship Office). The direct performer of all Foundation’s work is the Main Office which employs five persons: director, administration worker and 3 net operators. The network project cost 140 000 PLN and was covered by The Regional Fund of Environment Protection and Water Management (WFO¦). The total investments costs of the Foundation Agency of Regional Air Quality Monitoring in Gdańsk metropolitan area in 1995 – 2001 was about 5,1 mln PLN.

By the end of 1995 two stations located in Gdańsk were built: station No. 1, located in Powstańców Warszawskich Street and No. 2, located in Kaczeńce Street. Both stations are equipped in SO2, NOx and PM10 analyzers as well as in meteorological sensors. Gdańsk Rafinery S.A. founded both stations.

Next two stations (No. 3 and 4) were set in 1997 year. They are equipped in SO2, NOx, PM10, CO, CO2 and O3 analyzers. In both stations meteorological parameters are measured as well. Both stations, No.3, in Gdańsk Nowy Port, and No.4 in Gdynia Pogórze were founded by Zespół Elektrociepłowni Wybrzeże. Dredging and Underwater Works Company LTD “Naftoport” provided financial support of the hydrocarbons analyzer for the station No.3.

At 1997 and 1998 years station No. 5 in Gdańsk Szadółki in Ostrzycka Street was bought and installed. Station is equipped in SO2, NOx, PM10, CO, O3 analyzers and meteorological sensors. Przedsiębiorstwo Eksploatacji Ruroci±gów Naftowych (PERN “PrzyjaĽń” S.A.) founded the station. The financial support of building process was provided by The Regional Fund of Environment Protection and Water Management (WFO¦) and Gdańsk Municipality.

Next two stations, No. 6 and 7 were founded by The Regional Fund of Environment Protection and Water Management (WFO¦) in 1998 year. Station No. 6 is located in Sopot, in Bitwy pod Płowcami Street and is equipped in SO2, NOx, PM10, CO analyzers, calibration analyzer and meteorological sensors. The solar radiation analyzer on station No.6 was financed by the Sopot Municipality.

Station No.7 is located in Tczew, in Targowa Street and is equipped in SO2, NOx, PM10 and CO analyzers as well as meteorological sensors.

Database from Sopot station will allow defining the directions of the ecological activity in the near future, so that the city could keep the health-resort statute.The database from Tczew station will help in better management of the ecological polity of the city.

By the end of 1998 one more station (No.8) had been put in motion. This station is located in Gdańsk, in Leczkowa Street, and is equipped like the station in Sopot (No.6). The founder of the station was Dredging and Underwater Works Company LTD Naftoport.

In 2000 year, from the legal tender of The Fund of Polish-German Cooperation, the station No.8 was commenced, which is located in Gdynia Redłowo in Kopernika Street.

The last station, No.10, also located in Gdynia in Wendy Street had been put in motion in 2001 year. The building as well as the equipment of the station were financed by Gdynia Municipality and industrial works: Shipyard Gdynia S.A., Port Gdynia Authority S.A., Baltic Bulk Terminal LTD., Shipyard “Nauta” S.A., Nautal Shipyard Gdynia.

The Agency owns as well DOAS 2000, the mobile station for measurements of traffic pollutants.

The management of all stations as well as database valuation takes place in the central office CAS.


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