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ARMAG Foundation: Bulletin of air quality
Bulletin of air quality
date of measurements: 2021-09-28
AM1 Gdańsk Śródmieście brak pomiaru
AM2 Gdańsk Stogi brak pomiarubrak pomiaru
AM3 Gdańsk Nowy Portbłąd pomiaru brak pomiaru
AM4 Gdynia Pogórze
AM5 Gdańsk Szadółki brak pomiaru
AM6 Sopot brak pomiarubrak pomiaru
AM7 Gdańsk Matarniabrak pomiaru brak pomiaru
AM8 Gdańsk Wrzeszcz
AM9 Gdynia Dąbrowa brak pomiaru
Bulletin of  air quality is updated every four hours  from  raw data. Ranges are related
with concentration  levels accepted with air quality marks.

Bulletin of  air quality in agreement with The Regulation of the Minister of Environment from 01.01.2002 in case published information about environment.
% limit value                       color
> 100%
type of measurements time of averaging
for SO2 1h or 24h
for NO2 1h
for PM10 24h
for CO & ozone max. running 8 hour average

2006-2008 Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone dla Fundacji ARMAG

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